Stefano Harney Seminars at PAF – the podcasts

10 Apr

During four days at PAF (Performing Arts Forum) in St. Erme, France, Stefano Harney took us for an intense ride through issues of The Creative Industries, Cultural Studies, Governance, Artist as commodity, Logistical populations, extreme neo-liberalism, identity politics and witches. The talks are now available as mp3 podcasts, below, for you to download.

Stefano Harney joined Queen Mary Univ, London Business School, in September 2006. He is an expert on business ethics, corporate governance, and responsible management education, and a frequent commentator in the media on banking regulation and ethics,. He is founder of Finance Watch, a research NGO dedicated to banking reform, and he is current Chair of the European Business Ethics Network (UK). Stefano Harney’s new book, Business World (Routledge, forthcoming) focuses on the borderless business school and the rise of extreme neo-liberalism.


Day one; Creative Industries, Cultural Studies and Governance
1. Download Part 1 (1h 33 min)
2. Download Part 2 (1h 32 min)
3. Download Part 3 (1h 21 min)

Day two; Logistical populations
4. Download Part 1 (55 min)
5. Download Part 2 (56 min)
6. Download Part 3 (1h 27 min)

Day three; Speculation and Politics
7. Download Part 1 (1h 27 min)
8. Download Part 2 (1h 29 min)
9. Download Part 3 (1h 26 min)

Day four; Practices and strategies
10. Download Part 1 (49 min)
11. Download Part 2 (1h 19 min)
12. Download Part 3 (59 min)

The podcasts are published with the permission of Stefano Harney. The podcasts might take a few minutes to open/download, since each file is quite big.

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